Tuesday, Dec. 11 – Cheerleading Demo at Waterloo Regional Council to Save the CSUMB

Save the CSUMB! You Can Do It, Regional Council!



Cheerleading demo to ‘encourage’ Regional Council to DO THE RIGHT THING

Tuesday, December 11; 4-5pm

Regional Council Building, 150 Frederick st (Near Police station and Centre in the Square)

Part of Province-wide Week of Action to Save the CSUMB (www.ocap.ca)
Bring your chants, radical cheerleading equipment and garb, noise-makers, and syrupy-sweet super-positive attitudes! Let’s make it easy for Regional Council to take steps to tell the Province not to cancel the CSUMB. Let’s cheer Council on as they prepare to vote, to help make sure that they fully fund a Regional CSUMB!BACKGROUND:
The Provincial Government is cancelling the CSUMB, a vital housing benefit for folks on assistance. The Province is downloading the responsibility to keep folks housed and out of harm’s way onto the Regions. The Regions do not have the financial resources to take on this enormous task indefinitely. That hasn’t stopped a growing list of Regions from voting to fully fund a replacement program for the next year. Many more Regions are speaking out against the Province, demanding that they not cancel the program. We are facing a crisis of unconcionable proportions and Regions and cities including Hamilton, Sudbury, the district of Nippissing, and Chatham-Kent and Lambton Counties, among others, are all taking steps to advocate for, and to take care of their communities. Waterloo Regional Council has held two public budget hearings and were addressed regarding the cancellation of the CSUMB at both – at least 5 community presentations were on the CSUMB. Poverty Makes Us Sick presented on December 5th and our allies in the Alliance Against Poverty presented on November 21. Both presentations are posted on our site: www.povertymakesussick.wordpress.com.

We demand that Waterloo Regional Council use all available channels resist these brutal cuts. We ask that they do so publicly and with the necessary vigor. We demand that Regional Council fully fund a Regional CSUMB. Thousands more will become homeless and continue to live in violent situations if the CSUMB disappears.

Despite the lack of leadership demonstrated thus far, we have no reason to think that our “progressive”, “above and beyond” Regional Council will turn their backs on us. So, let’s motivate them. Let’s cheer them on as they do the right thing!

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