$42 Million here, $1.4 Billion there

We won back $42 million towards a CSUMB transition to the Community Homelessness Prevention Benefit.  The funds are for this year only.  It was the many radical anti-poverty groups and their allies in the labour movement who won this.  We salute our peers, celebrate for a second, and now continue the fight.  We are aglow with the knowledge that our tactics are working.

$42 million will not demobilize us. There’s $1.4 billion of our money floating around in the corporate world. The Province is writing off $1.4 Billion in unpaid corporate taxes.  John Milloy has looked me in the eye and scolded me that “the money’s not there” for the CSUMB.  John is a liar, but its no matter because our tactics of truth, justice and love are working!

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