The Last Day of the Penny

February 4, 2013 – The last day of the Penny.

The Penny is no more. It is being removed from circulation.

The Man’s even cutting the penny now!

We could be in real trouble here.  The cuts to the CSUMB and transition to Community Homelessness Prevention Initiative (CHPI) mean a reduction of a once inadequate fund to just pennies on the dollar. Without pennies, what will we have left in this time of misery?

Let’s take a quick look at the numbers.

Before we even get to CSUMB, begin this equation by factoring in that OW and ODSP rates have been diminished in spending power/ability to survive by 60% since 1995.


A ‘single’ person on OW or ODSP could once receive up to $799 over a two year period under the CSUMB.  Now, with the Provincial Liberals’ escalation in their war on the poor, along with the inaction of Waterloo Regional Council, one is only eligible for a maximum of $400, in a one shot deal, with no appeal process. That’s already 50% less.

Now, subtract from that the fact that the monies are available for far fewer mandatory housing-related expenses.

Now the real kicker – dilute the full pot of money, not only by the 17, 000 social assistance recipients in Waterloo Region but by the full population of 543, 700.  The CHPI is available to anyone deemed ‘low-income’, not only the very vulnerable OW and ODSP folks.  If others need assistance, the government should provide that ALSO, not instead.  That would be “fair”.

Therefore: We need those pennies.  They all we have left right now!

This quick look at the numbers shows us that the current situation leaves us with only pennies on the dollar.  Now, it’s time for the people to take a look at the numbers regarding unpaid corporate taxes in Ontario.  The Peoples’ Forensic Auditing Committee, perhaps?

We’re not accepting crumbs off the table.  We don’t accept pennies on the dollar.

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