Twitter Campaign to Oppose Waterloo Air Show

This weekend, June 1-2, is the Fifth Annual Waterloo Air Show.  This Nestle sponsored event is a militaristic propaganda vehicle that specifically targets children for recruitment into the military industrial complex.

Sunday June 2nd is also the First Annual Waterloo Air Show Protest.

We are calling for a huge Twitter campaign to oppose the various powers who promote and profit off of these practices.

Click Here For Info, Articles, Resources And Video That Expose The Air Show’s Agenda.

Take some time on June 1st and 2nd to tweet as much as possible. Use the following messaging to create your own personal tweets or see example’s below:

Stop Recruiting Our Children For War!

Redirect Military Spending for Housing, Healthcare, Education and Childcare!

Here’s some places to Tweet at:

@WaterlooAirShow, @Nestle, @techtriangle

#cdnpoli, #WAS2013, #antiwar, #antiweapons, #peace, #waterloo, #kitchener

Example Tweets:

@WaterlooAirShow Stop Recruiting Our Children For War. Shame on event sponsor @Nestle for participating in militaristic propaganda #cdnpoli
@WaterlooAirShow #kitchener is 4 #peace. Shame on @techtriangle 4 endorsing recruiting children for war. #WAS2013, makes solid #antiwar statements about @WaterlooAirShow. Redirect military spending to housing healthcare! #cdnpoli
PMUS twitter: @kwpmus
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