Waterloo Air Show protest, June 2nd 2013

war kid
Stop Recruiting Our Children For War!

Redirect Military Spending For Housing, Healthcare, Education, Childcare

The Non-Violent School of Direct Action and Poverty Makes Us Sick present the First Annual Waterloo Air Show Protest

Sunday June 2nd, 2013, 10am
Waterloo International Airport, Breslau

We’ll hold placards and banners and hand out leaflets that expose the air show’s militarism and targeting of children.

Join the twitter campaign if you can’t be there in person.

Air Show? More like War Show! Air Shows, in general, openly promote and celebrate militarism.  The 2013 Waterloo Air Show boasts a C4-18 fighter jet, a state-of-the-art Lockheed Martin drone pilot simulator –  for youngsters –  and a real life captain who dropped bombs in Afghanistan and Libya to sign kids’ autographs.  The many pro-war displays and themes are geared to appeal to our impressionable children. Please see link below for a bank of resources, articles and information about the Waterloo Air Show’s targeting of children for recruitment into the military industrial complex.

The Harper Regime continues its pro-militarism agenda, with increased military deployments, increased spending on weapons and nationalist propaganda which seeks to highlight Canada’s role in warfare and imperialism.  This, during a time of growing poverty and need. We say redirect military spending to housing, healthcare, education and childcare! See link below for more information.

IMPORTANT: Please click this link to the Non-Violent School of Direct Action‘s website to access a collection of resources, articles, documentary, and information that exposes the Waterloo Air Shows militarism and recruitment of children for war.

Contact: nvsdakw@gmail.com
Twitter: @kwpmus @waterlooairshow #ANTIWAR #WAS2013 #CDNPOLI

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