First Annual Waterloo Air Show Protest- Report Back


Sunday June 2, 2013; Activists gathered at the gates of the Waterloo Air Show to oppose militarism and the air show’s agenda to recruit children into the military industrial complex.  Participants held banners, chanted and distributed hundreds of leaflets with the message:  Stop recruiting our children for war.  Redirect military spending for housing, healthcare, education and childcare!  There was an enormous police presence, creating a perimeter of kilometers around the actual airport.  The group was unable to drive in and instead marched for some distance, in the rain, undeterred by the various law enforcement vehicles circling.  The group was approached by a fleet of motorcycle cops, about a km away from the show and told what they already knew:  the police knew they were coming and had prepared to bar entry.


US flags at the Cadet Youth Development Centre – new home of Lockheed Martin f-35 and drone flight simulator

Upon arrival the group marched to the tarmac, where the CF-18 and other military aircraft were being warmed up, before proceeding to the planned location at the entry gates. 

This event was called by PMUS and the Non-Violent School of Direct Action, and was also organized with a number of other activists, representing a growing commitment to anti-militarism organizing in KW.  There were eight folks on the ground at the airshow who were supported by numerous others.  Organizers plan to unfold a series of educational events and actions to oppose the local arms industry.


        Kids Loved This Banner!  Many stopped to read it, or simply were drawn towards it.

There were charter buses, bringing folks in from the various parking lots. When we were ready to leave we had the police arrange us a ride back to a point nearer to our vehicles.  Three motorcycle cops followed behind our private bus in a ‘V’.  It saved an hour of walking and was a sight to see.

Check Back Soon for More Photos, Videos, Interviews and Statements From Today’s Action.

For a bank of resources, links, articles, video, and documentation of the Waterloo Air Show’s many ills including its targeting of children for recruitment into the military industrial complex and wasting tax dollars, click here.

Tweet your opposition to the militarism and wasteful spending at:@WaterlooAirShow, #cdnpoli, #antiwar, #peace

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