Province Wide Day of Action Demanding Fair Wages

August 14th – Eleven communities participated in a province wide day of action calling for an immediate increase in the minimum wage to $14/hr.  Poverty Makes Us Sick hosted the Kitchener event and PMUS members were also present at the Ottawa action.

While the Wynne Liberals threaten yet another consultation and study, communities across Ontario rallied to demand “Fair wages now!” It is an established fact that minimum wage needs to be increased to $14/hr, just to bring people’s income 10% above the poverty line.

There are over 500,000 people in Ontario making the poverty wage of $10.25/hr.  With the skyrocketing costs of food, energy and transportation, workers in Ontario receiving minimum wage have fallen 19% below the poverty line.

There is a growing campaign, facilitated by the Workers Action Centre and a number of other organizations.  There will be events across the province on the 14th of every month, as we demand an increase in the minimum wage to $14/hr.  Our next KW action, on Saturday September 14th, will take place in the afternoon. Each month will be bigger and more exciting than the last!


In Kitchener folks rallied in front of a Tim Horton’s along a busy street. Tim Horton’s pays many of its employees minimum wage and the staff certainly didn’t oppose our presence. Placards were displayed to passing vehicles while campaign leaflets were distributed to a largely receptive public. Interested parties received ‘$14 Now’ buttons and  were offered the opportunity to sign up for email updates.


Prior to the Tim Horton’s rally, Poverty Makes Us Sick was invited by the Kitchener Ontario Animal Liberation Action (KOALA) and the SPOT Collective to table with them in front of Kitchener City Hall.  In the photo above a passerby stopped to chat while enjoying the free pizza and literature. We engaged many people about the call to raise the minimum wage, while Fair Wages Now leaflets were distributed.

Special thanks to KOALA for supporting this event and taking time from the important work that they do, to join with us at the Tim Horton’s rally.

Poverty Makes Us Sick organizer Shannon Balla joined the good folks at Acorn Ottawa for a pots and pans demo, as part of the province-wide day of action.  She can be seen in this CTV Ottawa coverage:

For more information and to see articles, pictures, and videos from the province-wide day of action visit:

Join the campaign in KW!  Email:                                                                                 

#14now, #fairwagesnow

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