Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage, Province-wide Day of Action!

Fair Wages Now!

Saturday, September 14th, 5-6pm
On Sidewalk In front of McDonald’s
600 King St W, at corner of Breithaupt Ave

Rally and Community Outreach

Kid-Friendly, Non-Intrusive, Community-Positive

We will display placards and creative props while
distributing leaflets about the Campaign to Raise the
Minimum Wage.  We have postcards addressed to Ontario
Premiere Kathleen Wynne that we will have supporters sign.
There will be province-wide actions on the 14th of every month
until we win our demand of an increase to $14/hr.
Together we can win an increase in the minimum wage to get
workers out of poverty!
See the round-up of August 14th actions here

Prices are going up, but wages are not.
The minimum wage has been frozen for 3 years at $10.25.
It is time for an increase.
The current minimum wage drives workers 19% below the poverty line.
We need fair wages, not poverty wages.  Increasing the minimum wage
to $14 will bring workers 10% above the poverty line in Ontario.
A raise in the minimum wage makes economic sense.  Research shows
minimum wage increases get invested back into communities and do not
cause job loss.
The Ontario Government has said it will have a panel study minimum wage.
The Ontario Liberals have shown a strong pattern of stalling through the
commissioning of panels. People in Ontario can’t wait, we need an
increase now!

Why McDonald’s?
McDonalds is a member of a lobby group that opposes an increase in minimum
wage.  McDonald’s USA has even gone so far as to create a budget for their
minimum wage employees – it supposes that they have at least two jobs!
On September 14th, communities across the province will hold rallies that highlight
the membership of McDonald’s, Tim Hortons, Loblaws Family of Companies and Toy’s R Us in this lobby group.

Upcoming Locally:

Tuesday September 24th, Poverty Makes Us Sick is pleased to be hosting
Toronto’s Workers Action Centre for an evening of education and mobilization
around the Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage.  This is an important event!
Hope to see you there!  Find out more here.

For more information and to sign up for email alerts about the local campaign,
contact Poverty Makes Us Sick at

Check out the province-wide campaign, and find out how to use social media in this
struggle at:
#fairwagesnow, #14now

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