Court Support and Raise the Rates Rally

Restore the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit
Protect the Freedom to Protest
Tuesday September 17, 2013




12 noon:  Speakers Corner, King and Benton, Kitchener – Meal                                    

                with music by Janice Lee and Richard Garvey!

1pm:        March to Regional Council Chambers, demand that council fights

                for the Province to Restore the CSUMB

2pm:        Rally in front of Regional Courthouse; 77 Queen Street N

2-4pm:     Court Support


On November 15, 2012, Ian Stumpf of Poverty Makes Us Sick and Julian Ichim of the SPOT Collective took part in an occupation of, then Minister of Community and Social Services, MPP John Milloy’s Kithchener constituency office.  They were there to demand the full restoration of the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB) – a vital homelessness prevention benefit that was accessed by 13 000 folks in Ontario, each month prior to it’s cancellation.

This event was part of a series of successful actions that disrupted Milloy’s nasty work on several occasions.  Julian and Ian were arrested, issued tickets and driven to a location of their choosing. Ian wasn’t even cuffed and was dropped off at a coffee shop, before rejoining the protest at Milloy’s.
What started with a simple trespassing ticket has snowballed into an aggressive campaign of attempted intimidation with the police and prosecutors abusing their power to accuse Ian and Julian of more significant charges.  This is just the pretrial.  It follows two previous hearings. The prosecution has indicated that the trial will be at least one full day.  That date will be determined at the pre-judiciary hearing on September 17th.
The cancellation of the CSUMB is not mere austerity, but rather an escalation in the attack on the poor. Similarly, these legal proceedings are not the regular course of action for trespassing tickets, but an attempt to intimidate and disrupt mobilization.


Actions took place across the province to fight the cuts.  Our allies in the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty (S-CAP) were treated brutally by the arresting officers when they occupied MPP Rick Bartolucci’s office.  11 S-CAPers were arrested.  A member of the local media was also arrested, but their charges were later dropped.  S-CAP also joined with the North Shore Tribal Council in successfully shutting down the Trans-Canada highway, demanding the full restoration of the CSUMB.  The S-CAP 11 have two court dates in October.  We stand in solidarity with them.  Resistance Continues.




Learn more about the necessity of the CSUMB in this report by the Wellesley Institute, entitled The Real Cost of Cutting CSUMB.

Read Poverty Makes Us Sick’s presentation to Waterloo Regional Council here.
Learn more about the action at Milloy’s on November 15th here.

Learn more background about these court proceedings and their meaning here.
Learn more about the week of action that was launched in Kitchener, following these occupations.
Province wide resistance with OCAP, S-CAP, CUPE, KCAP, OFL, PMUS, The SPOT and many, many others led to a partial and temporary victory, when on December 27, 2012, the Liberals announced they would restore half of the monies for one year.  See here.
Join us on September 17 to Celebrate Resistance and Community.  Restore the CSUMB!

Accessibility:  There will be both tempeh burgers and hot dogs at the community meal.  The rally and concert at noon will be kid-friendly, the march is low key and folks can use their own discretion regarding involving kids.  The march is a relatively short distance.  At the courthouse, there is no searching or regulation of any kind.  You may easily come and go without any interaction with security (not sure that there even is security – never seen ’em).  There are about 30 seats in the court room.  It’s booked just forus.  We’d like to fill the place!

For more info and to deliver statements of solidarity, contact:

@kwpmus, #savecsumb, #raisetherates



Ian Stumpf of Poverty Makes Us Sick                   Julian Ichim of the SPOT Collective




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