Coming in October: Crash the Consultations event and Provincial Raise the Rates Week of Action




Raise the Rates to Respond to Liberal Round of Talk on Poverty with Week of Community Action

Anti-poverty organizations, community groups and trade unions working together in the Raise the Rates Campaign refuse to participate in yet another round of Liberal consultations on ‘poverty’ reduction’.  Instead, we will work for the mobilization of poor communities and their allies that can win real action on the disgrace of poverty that exists in Ontario.

The Liberals have had more than a decade to show they are serious about dealing with the sub-poverty social assistance system.  We heard no end of talk and have been asked time and again to participate in their consultation process.  Despite this, people are poorer under the present ‘Social Justice Premier’ than they were under Mike Harris.

Even worse that this, we fully understand that this Government has embraced an austerity agenda.  We fully expect that, in keeping with this, the Liberals intend to merge Ontario Works and ODSP and attack the rights of disabled people in the Province.

In a situation like this, participating in their present consultations would be more than buying into a stalling tactic.  It would enable the Liberals to prepare the greatest attack on the poor since the 21.6% cut to social assistance that was initiated by the Harris Tories, with community opposition silenced.

Raise the Rates will respond to the Liberal diversionary tour of empty talk and fake assurances with a week of action.  Between October 14th and 20th, communities across Ontario will hold marches, rallies, pickets, occupations and other actions to demand the Government keep its hands off ODSP and raises social assistance rates to the levels that existed prior to the Harris cutback of 1995.

Full details of all upcoming actions will be released in due course and we ask unions, community based organizations and people directly affected by poverty and austerity to join with us in fighting for an Ontario where the right to living wages and decent income is respected.




CRASH THE CONSULTATIONS – Friday October 4th, 8:30am
A.R. Kaufman Family YMCA (333 Carwood Avenue, Kitchener)
Come out and let John Milloy and Ted McMeekin know that their empty promises are not fooling anyone here in Kitchener. 
Enough Talk!  Raise the Rates Now!  Hands off ODSP!


WEEK OF ACTION EVENTS (details to follow):

October 14th, $14 Now!  Raise the Minimum Wage.
October 15th, Raise the Rates! Hands off ODSP!  Community meal and rally
October 19th, Get on the Bus!  Provincial Convergence in Sudbury
October 20th, We Remember Ashley Smith, Candlelight Vigil












  1. Come già ci eravamo scritti, è difficile portarsi dietro una reflex in tutte le occasioni. Trovare una compatta da avere sempre con se è una buona idea. Io però la Canon non l'avrei data via…

  2. I didn't even think of Earth Day, good theme. 🙂 Love that shot. Looking straight up the trunk at the leaves and the sunshine, that's some excellent peretecpivs. Almost makes a person seem very small in comparison.

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