Raise the Rates Week of Action – Local Actions


Take the Power Back!  Demand Justice!  Disrupt Business as Usual!
October 12-20, 2013

Last year our mobilization and province-wide week of action (launched with a bang in Kitchener on December 7th) succeeded in restoring $42 million for homelessness prevention benefits!  This year we take it all!

Provincial Convergence
October 19th –
Get on the Bus!  Convergence in Sudbury.

Free bus from downtown Kitchener and back.  Sign up for your seat today!  Join allies  from across the province in Sudbury for a major rally to win the demands of the Raise the Rates Campaign.  Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty (S-CAP) has been fighting successfully in their Region and it is fitting that we should culminate the week of action with them.  The ride itself won’t be without highlights either! See details below.

Actions in Kitchener:
October 14thCampaign to Raise the Minimum Wage action
As some celebrate ‘Thanksgiving’ we ask:  Where is our food coming from? We demand justice and dignity for agricultural migrant workers, shipper/receivers/transporters, restaurant/fast-food workers and grocery store workers!
Action:  Community Meal, Rally and Outreach
Location: Kitchener City Hall Courtyard
Time:  5:30pm
Endorsed by the Waterloo Region Labour Council
See:  raisetheminimumwage.ca

October 15th
– All Out!
  Kitchener-Waterloo’s Main Event!
Calling all poor people, allies and anti-capitalists!  Mobilization to Win the Demands of the Raise the Rates Campaign!  No OW/ODSP Merger! Fully Restore the CSUMB and Special Diet Allowance!  55% Increase Now!
Action:   Community Meal, Rally, March, Disruption
Location: OW Office and Regional Health Building; 99 Regina, Uptown Waterloo
Time: 3:30-5:30pm

October 19th:  Kitchener joins major action in Sudbury!  Get on the Bus!

S-CAP has been fighting successfully in their Region and it is fitting that we should all culminate our week of action there.  Restore CSUMB! No OW/ODSP Merger!
Action:  Provincial Convergence in Sudbury
Location:  Buses leaving from Downtown Kitchener – Duke St, behind City Hall – at 9am.
Time:  Event in Sudbury at 2pm.  Returning to Kitchener in late evening.
Reserve your seat today.  Space is limited!
Contact: forspecialdiet@gmail.com

October 20th:  We Remember Ashley Smith Campaign hosts vigil

As a community we will come together to mark the 6th anniversary of Ashley Smith’s death inside Kitchener’s Grand Valley Institution for Women.
Action:  Candlelight Vigil and Speakers
Location:  Speakers Corner (corner of King and Benton), Kitchener
Time: 8pm

Plans are being made in communities across the province to hold local actions during the week of October 14th to challenge plans to merge Ontario Works and ODSP and to demand real action on poverty from the Wynne Government. We will be demanding the full restoration of the Community Start-Up and Maintenance Benefit (CSUMB), supporting the right of First Nations communities to control the delivery of social assistance programs and calling for a raise of the minimum wage in Ontario to $14 an hour and of social assistance rates by at least 55%. In place of the endless talk of this government about ‘poverty reduction,’ we will be taking action.

Last year’s province-wide week of action report back

More details to come!
Facebook:  Poverty Makes Us Sick!
Ontario Coalition Against Poverty –  ocap.ca  (416) 925-6939
CUPE Ontario Raise the Rates Campaign: cupe.on.ca/raisetherates

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