Kathleen Wynne Came to Octoberfest – PMUS Responds – Ian Brutalized By Police

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne visited downtown Kitchener today to help us get a head start on the Raise the Rates Week of Action, err rather for the Keg Tapping Ceremony to launch Octoberfest.  PMUS mobilized last minute and a few folks spread through out the outdoor audience.  Some chose to distro flyers, while PMUS organizer Ian Stumpf opted to picket near the side of the stage. When Wynne walked by to take the stage Ian yelled:  “If you merge OW and ODSP you’ll get your needed crash course in social justice!…”  As Ian began to speak about the Liberals attack on the poor he was taken brutally by a number of police – even the dignitaries with their white rope dress up gear on – and had was bent backwards over a metal railing while officers intentionally kept Ian’s leg down , therefor arching his back the wrong way over the railing.  The police pushed hard to force his body to bend too far and used their elbows to force his neck, causing him to choke.

Ian was taken to the side where he continued voicing the messages of our campaign.  Then officer Mike Sullivan, Waterloo Regional Police badge #600 took Ian, now tightly handcuffed and in submission holds, to a place that he threatened was “quiet and out of the way.”  Other officers disappeared quickly and Ian was left with the violent Mike Sullivan who continued in his extreme aggression.  Ian pleaded with officer J. Scott to stay, voicing safety concerns but was left alone, out of site with the clearly agitated Mike Sullivan.


Waterloo Regional Police, Mike Sullivan badge #600, as he has posted to the whole world at: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mike-sullivan/31/801/a99 – a site that he uses to network and to encourage discussion about him online. 

Ian was held at Division One for around 2.5hrs before being released with an order to appear on November 15 for ‘Disturbing the Peace’

Says Ian: ” I am not at all new to being brutalized by cops, and yet it is not often that it happens as I hold a simple picket in my sandals.  Octoberfest is a big money draw for KW, so that is one factor in their response, but the many officers involved in violently attempting to silence my dissent also made comments to indicate that they were knowingly and intentionally attacking me for raising my voice.  I am going to need to see a Medical Doctor and get care for my back – I think there has been quite substantial damage done to me. I hurt and I’m concerned. But this week the attack on the poor is suspended – this week the poor are on the attack and I don’t want to  miss it.”

More to come on this event.

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