Wynne Delivered Raise the Rates Demands in Person – report back


Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne, holding mallet and enjoying a drink as anti-poverty activists repressed a few feet away.

On Friday October 11, Poverty Makes Us Sick and allies acted quickly to mobilize a response to Wynne’s appearance at KW’s Octoberfest.  Earlier in the day Wynne announced $400 million for horse racing and gambling, but calls for spending on the most basic and vital needs of poor people were met with violence.  Police and security details choked, beat and sadistically contorted a PMUS organizer.  A PMUS friend and supporter was able to get closer at a different time and brought forward our message:  ‘No OW/ODSP merger, raise the rates now, restore CSUMB and Special Diet, autonomy for First Nations – the blood of the poor is on your hands!’  

Wynne was slightly amused by this all, but was unaware that yet others in our mobilization were being increasingly well received in their leafleting efforts – the polices violence, silencing and intimidation was happening in view of 1000’s of witnesses and the Octoberfester’s  grew increasingly curious about our message.  The attempts to silence us increased our voice. 

We are in no way deterred. Our bodies are under attack 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by way of malnutrition, restricted access to care, institutional and structural violence, constrained choices, interpersonal violence, homelessness and unhealthy living conditions.  A public beating at the hands of police is perhaps a more visible manifestation of the attack on the poor.  We will achieve our just demands.

See more details here.

The Raise the Rates Province-Wide Week of Action is happening now!  Join in!

See events across the Province here.

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