Minimum Wage Actions – November 14th, 2013: Delegations to local MPPs to demand fair wages for all!


Tell K-W MPPs to demand a $14/hour Minimum Wage!

Thursday, November 14, 2013
12pm – KW MPP Catherine Fife’s office, 22 King St S (delegation leaves from Waterloo Town Square at noon sharp)
5pm – Kitchener-Centre MPP John Milloy’s office, 1770 King St E

Join delegations to visit MPPs in Kitchener (John Milloy – Liberal) and Waterloo (Catherine Fife – NDP) to demand that they endorse a $14 minimum wage and bring our petition to the floor of the legislature to demonstrate the broad support for fair wages for all!

We will be reminding our MPPs that raising the minimum wage is good for our economy and good for our communities. We’ll even award them a novelty cheque representing the boost to the economy that an increase would bring!

Be part of this growing movement for fair wages! Support this month is crucial as we come to a critical moment of the campaign for a $14 minimum wage. With the Minimum Wage Advisory Panel expected to release their report by the end of the year, now is the time to turn up the heat!

Bring signs and flags! Bring your kids, your friends!

For background on the Ontario-wide campaign raise the minimum wage, see

This event co-sponsored by the Waterloo Regional Labour Council and Poverty Makes Us Sick.

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