Victory in Trespassing Case Against Sudbury’s S-CAP 11! PMUS Statement of Support

Today members of the Sudbury Coalition Against Poverty were in court, facing trespassing charges stemming from the occupation of Sudbury MPP Rick Bartolucci’s office last year.  All charges were ultimately dropped, an important victory for S-CAP, and a cause for celebration across the province.  We now re-focus our collective energies on the serious work of combating the violent assault on our communities that the coming merger of OW/ODSP represents. (See more details here:

Poverty Makes Us Sick sent a statement of solidarity to the S-CAP 11 that was read at a rally in support of the members facing charges.

November 12, 2013

Poverty Makes Us Sick Waterloo Region supports the work of Sudbury’s Coalition Against Poverty and celebrates their Emergency Shelter action. The act was necessary in the face of this attack on the poor.

S-CAP has seen many successes in their ongoing work. S-CAP’s strong engagement in the day-to-day struggle has placed them in the crosshairs of the powers. We salute them for receiving this honour.

Previously, Poverty Makes Us Sick held an Emergency Shelter action and also received trespassing tickets. We won in the courts and are pleased to see that 4 S-CAPers have had their charges dismissed. We demand that all charges be dismissed.

We now enter into a new phase of our movement and, together with S-CAP and other allies across the province, have resolved to oppose with the strongest means any merger of OW and ODSP.

Poverty Makes Us Sick organizer Ian Stumpf is in court again on Friday November 15th for a charge of Causing Disturbance under the Criminal Code of Canada after sustaining injuries at the hands of police in the process of directly confronting Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. The bodies of the marginalized and their allies are under constant attack and the court is one venue that the state depends on in its efforts to control our dissent. Our resolve is tempered over these flames. And as we pause to recognize S-CAP, resistance continues.

We have great respect for S-CAP and hold them as dependable allies during this time of escalation.

In Solidarity,
Poverty Makes Us Sick, Waterloo Region

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