Raise the Rates Resolution On Threatened Merger of ODSP/OW

Poverty Makes Us Sick contributed to the drafting of this resolution and ‘signed on’ to it during the recent Raise the Rates Province-Wide Week of Action.  A PDF is also available for download on OCAPs site:  http://ocap.ca/node/1107

     This assembly of the Raise the Rates Campaign, gathered together in Sudbury
on October 19, 2013, recognizes that the Liberal Government of Ontario is
pressing ahead with an austerity driven social assistance reform that is very much
based on the attack now underway on disabled people in the UK.
    We express our determination to utterly oppose legislation that merges ODSP
and Ontario Works into one program.  At the same time, however, we fully
support and demand the right of First Nations to control all social assistance
delivery within their communities.
   We call on the Wynne Government to issue a clear public undertaking that there
will be no merger of ODSP and OW.
   We pledge to deliver this message directly to the Government shortly after this
assembly by way of a Raise the Rates mass delegation.
   We also undertake to publicly confront MPPs throughout the Province in the
weeks ahead with the demand that they agree to vote against any ODSP/OW
   Should the Wynne Government or any that follows it proceed with legislation to
eliminate ODSP, we will mobilize communities affected and the widest range of
allies to defeat such an attack.


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