Minimum Wage Advisory Calls For Annual Increases

Minimum Wage Advisory Panel calls for annual increases

The Minimum Wage Advisory Panel released their report today after a 6-month consultation process across Ontario. The report makes a number of modest proposals for regularizing future increases in the minimum wage, including a recommendation to increase the minimum wage each year with the cost of living.

Indexing the minimum wage to the cost of living is one of the three key demands put forward by the Campaign to Raise the Minimum Wage, and is an important step forward.

But we must also insist that Ontario’s minimum wage bring workers above the poverty line. As it stands, a full-time minimum wage earner falls 25% below the poverty line, and we need much more than a cost-of-living increase to address this shortfall.

It is now in Premier Kathleen Wynne’s hands to make the right choice for Ontario workers.  Only a year ago, the Premier was elected and made a commitment to develop a decent work agenda for Ontario. Today, the Premier has a real opportunity to make good on that promise by ensuring that a full-time job is pathway out of poverty – not a poverty trap.

A minimum wage increase to $14 would also inject at least $5 billion annually into Ontario’s economy, stimulating consumer demand, generating economic activity and creating jobs.
Acsana, a leader in the fight to raise the minimum wage makes it clear: “There are a million workers like me who are working at or near minimum wage. We deserve better – and we should not be living in poverty. It’s up to Premier Kathleen Wynne to show leadership and raise the minimum wage to $14 now.”

Take Action!

Help us call on Premier Kathleen to fulfill her commitment to good jobs for Ontario workers: 

  1. Send a message to Premier Kathleen Wynne on Twitter (@Kathleen_Wynne) or by email  
  2. Join an action in your community over the February family day weekend 
  3. Make a date with your MPP in the month of February to talk about #14now – it’s now more important than ever!
  4. Join the campaign! Help us win a raise for Ontario

The content of this blog post was taken from an email circulated by Workers Action Centre

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