May 1, 2012

As the banners unfurled at Kitchener’s City Hall during the march, PMUS had a Mayday message for our KW residents.

April 2, 2012.

Read our Open Letter to John Milloy, MPP-Kitchener Centre, and currently the Ontario Minister of Community and Social Services.

April 1, 2011.

Kitchener Anti-Poverty Activists Get Locked out of Kitchener Police Station

read the Open letter to Waterloo Region Police Here.

Learn More about OCAP’s Raise the Rates Campaign.  Poverty Makes Us Sick supports the Raise the Rates Campaign demands, and is involved in the fight for increased social assistance rates and a decent income for all.

  1. We demand an immediate increase in OW and ODSP rates to bring them back to pre-Harris levels.   60% NOW – raise the rates to where people can live with health and dignity.
  2. We demand the minimum wage freeze be lifted immediately and that minimum wage be increased to a living wage for everyone in Ontario.
  3. We demand the full restoration of the Special Diet Allowance to a benefit of up to $250 for food and complete reversal of all intrusive measures.
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