Community Meeting – Closing of local Zellers stores – June 25, 2012

Zellers stores are closing across Waterloo Region and re-opening as Walmart and Target locations. Both of these US mega-chains have track records of practices that hurt employees and communities. Current employees face layoffs with no promise of a preference in hiring when the new stores open. This is unacceptable.

Come to an evening of information and discussion for employees and interested community members regarding the impact of the closures.

Monday June 25th, 7-9pm.

Kitchener Downtown Community Centre -35B Weber Street West, Kitchener, ON

Join the conversation:
-hear from employees affected by the store closures and build strategies to support workers who are facing layoffs immediately and in coming months

-learn about what other communities are doing to address (similar closures) in their neighbourhoods

-learn about the megastores taking over these locations, including labour practices and privacy concerns for customers

Employees and concerned community members are invited to this meeting to share their experiences and what they think would be most helpful in the way of community support. Any effective response around this issue must be led and informed by the workers. All are welcome to share their ideas of how best to organize around this issue to provide support for Zellers employees and to contribute to the fight for the rights of all workers.

Employees are invited to take part in the panel discussion as speakers, but do not need to in order to participate. We invite all to simply attend the event if preferred, or to get involved in any other way. Please contact organizers if you are interested in being a part of this event or if you have any questions or comments.

Contact: Tri-Cities Zellers Employee Solidarity Coalition (TCZESC)
Phone: 519-954-6844

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