MAYDAY in KW, May 1st, 2012.

May Day, Kitchener 2012. Victoria Park, 3pm


On Tuesday May 1st, you are invited to take part in a day of celebration and action, beginning at Victoria Park in Kitchener and, after a march, ending at Speaker’s Corner. We are calling on the people of Kitchener-Waterloo to join people from around the world to reclaim public space, demonstrate and to share their collective desire for a better world – one of dignity and justice for all!

Recently the voices of local people and the people of Ontario (and all those in the struggle against injustice everywhere) are pronouncing; “this is not a protest, this is a process!” On May 1st, every continent, every country and every city will stand up!
Join us in a day of community, action, and solidarity!

About May Day:
May Day is an important and growing holiday to many in our community and around the world. May Day is often either traced back to the pagan festival of wild rebirth, or to the 1886 Haymarket Affair, in which workers fought and died for the 8-hour work day. May Day is a time to renew our energies to drive change, be it social, economic, and/or environmental. We encourage everyone to gather with their friends and community and join us, and other communities in Southern Ontario (such as London, Toronto, and Hamilton) in a collective display of community power that demonstrates tangible alternatives which are anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, and anti-oppressive in nature.

Schedule of Events:

1st Event:

From 3pm to 5pm, we invite you to join us in Victoria Park for 2 hours of collaborative healing, resilience, and creative resistance.
Activities include: a free community potluck, BBQ & beverages (until 3:45), soccer game(s) (3pm), a choir teach-in (3:30pm), an Occupy assembly (4pm), children’s activities (4pm), a legal info workshop (4:30pm), and more!

Feel free to bring musical instruments, noisemakers, sports equipment, banner/sign making ideas (and supplies if you like!)… get creative, bring ideas, or gather with others and plan something!

2nd Event:

Shortly after 5pm, following brief speeches and announcements from local community organizers, we will march through Kitchener streets on route to Speakers’ Corner (Frederick/King Street Intersection). During this hour long march/bike ride, we will chant, sing, and dance, as we pass by historical relics from Kitchener’s rich working class history, and reflect on how quickly development is going on around all of us. We will pass through neighborhoods deeply impacted by these sudden changes and let our voices be heard in demanding affordable housing, and a right to choose how we live in our own communities. This will also be our chance to let all institutions, public, or private, know that we demand workers’ rights for all, whether in the home or in the workplace, waged, or unwaged, documented, or undocumented! We will highlight the links of workers’ struggles to other campaigns for social justice for all, in recognition that our strength comes in our unity.

3rd Event:

At roughly 6pm, we’ll arrive at Speakers’ Corner for a rally featuring local speakers and musicians! Let’s bring the noise and festive attitude, and let all those passing by share in our message of May Day!

What are we demanding?

Respect, dignity, and democracy in the workplace, for waged and unwaged workers!
More affordable housing in Kitchener/Waterloo!
Indigenous sovereignty and settler solidarity!
Women’s rights, and gender equity!
Raising OW / ODSP rates now!
A living wage for all, no more poverty wages, and no more temporary work/er exploitative schemes!
Workers rights for all workers of the world!
Stopping the attacks on public services!
Stopping prison expansion & corporate handouts!
Ending imperialist wars and aggression!

And more, so clear your schedule on May 1st, and have your say Kitchener/Waterloo!


May 1st KW
– Kitchener, Occupied Turtle Island


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