Saturday, November 24th – Free Market + Rally, Kitchener City Hall 1-pm

Saturday, November 24th
1-3pm   Free Market (Kitchener City Hall)

3pm   Save the CSUMB! March and Rally, marking the International Day to Eliminate Violence Against Women (Kitchener City Hall)Music and speakers begin at 3pm.  Includes speakers from the We Remember Ashley Smith campaign.  For details, or to become involved in the event contact:

This year’s Ontario budget included a cut to a vital Social Assistance benefit known as the Community Start-Up and Maintenance (CSUMB).
The CSUMB is the only government benefit available to anyone on assistance who is transitioning out of a shelter or institution, or trying to get new housing. It is the only benefit available to women and trans people on assistance who are trying to leave violent situations.

This cut will increase the levels of violence against women and children in this province who will be forced to choose between homelessness and staying in a dangerous environment.
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